Saturday, November 22, 2008

More weird chocolate

I found a few more weird items.

At Toe-Food Chocolates and Candy they have a 10 oz. chocolate foot! Great for the chocoholic on your christmas list that also has a foot fetish!

At Chocolate Cheers you can customize a 10 lbs bar of chocolate into an american express card for only $75!

I sure hope that's not her real card number! lol

At The Candy Shop you can buy chocolate covered gummy bears!

These are just cavities waiting to happen.
I love chocolate, but I might have to pass on a few of these. I don't really think chocolate and gummy bears would go well together. I know if I tried to eat 10lbs of chocolate that I would fall into some sort of coma (but I WOULD try it!) And the chocolate foot reminds me of a squeeky toy that I had for my dog Panther that was a foot. He ended up chewing all of the toes off of it. Maybe not the best toy idea for him lol. Actually though, once you at the toes off of the chocolate foot, then it's just a big hunk of chocolate!
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